Online Typing WPM Speed Tests

Correctly processing your corporate information is critical to your bottom line and overall profitability. Hire a candidate that can process the information you find valuable. Whether inputing customer names, sentences, paragraphs, birth dates, strings of numbers, or credit card information; speed and accuracy are both imperative! Our online based typing assessments are valid, job based assessments that will allow you to verify your applicant's skills and abilities!

Simple to use

EntryScreener offers an easy and efficient way to create and administer Data Entry, Ten Key Speed, and Typing Speed assessments to your applicant pool!! Our online based tools will allow you to create custom tests, select applicants to complete the assessments, and view your applicant's score report instantly! For more information on each online typing tests follow the links at the top of the page, or click on each assessment type below.
    Data Entry Test - test your applicants on any combination of numbers or subject fields.

    Ten Key Speed Test - test your applicants ten key touch skills with any combination of numbers.

    Typing Speed Test - test your applicants on any number of sentences or paragraphs.
Sample Typing Test

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